Hoeness blames Louis “The Party Beast” van Gaal for killing the fun

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

After a 1-1 draw against Nurnberg snapped a streak of three straight wins for Bayern Munich, the club decided to move up manager Louis van Gaal's departure date from the end of the season to right now. And with the lame duck gaffer out of the picture, Bayern president Uli Hoeness was quick to put the blame for the club's lackluster season on the man who was Mourinho'd out of winning the treble last season.

From the AFP:

"Success is one thing, fun another, but there has been no fun at this club for a long time, not amongst us (the board) and not with the players," said Hoeness in a press conference on Sunday.

"The idea they were behind the coach is already a fairytale."

Hoeness pin-pointed the incident which alienated the board, when Van Gaal decided to bring in experienced goalkeeper Thomas Kraft in January for ex-Germany international Hans-Joerg Butt.

"The whole crap started after the decision to replace Hans-Joerg in goal," said Hoeness.

"The board repeatedly advised Louis van Gaal against doing that, but he went ahead regardless.

"He didn't learn anything from this subject.

"That led to complete unrest in the whole defence."

Van Gaal killing the fun? Say what you want about his personnel decisions, but I have a very hard time believing a man who describes himself as a "Party Beast" and whips out his testicles in front of his players as a way of showing them who's boss is anything but the primary source of super fun times anywhere he goes.

Andries Jonker takes over as Bayern's caretaker manager until Bayer Leverkusen's Jupp Heynckes takes over this summer and I bet neither one of them will expose their testicles to the team even once. Meanwhile, van Gaal shouldn't have trouble finding a new gig. Luca Toni is probably just hoping that it isn't with Juventus.

Godspeed, Party Beast. Godspeed.

Photo: AP