Here's Pep Guardiola calling Wayne Rooney a diver

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle
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In the Champions League round of 16, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger made a diving gesture to Arjen Robben that apparently stuck with Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola. When Wayne Rooney pulled off a theatrical jump over Bastian Schweinsteiger's challenge to get him booked a second time and sent off in the 90th minute of the quarterfinal first leg, Guardiola responded with Wenger's hand gesture.

Schweinsteiger, who scored Bayern's equalizer in the 66th minute of the 1-1 draw with Man United, gave Rooney a finger wag after getting sent off and Rooney gave him a knowing smirk in return.

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Of course, Guardiola has seen some of the very finest divers in his managerial career, so he should know one when he sees it.

Though Bayern got an important away goal and will play at home in the second leg (albeit without Schweinsteiger), Manchester United's bus parking got the job done better than just about anyone expected. After winning the Bundesliga in record time and celebrating all night long last week, Bayern seem to have gotten a bit too comfortable, but this result should slap some motivation back into them.

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