Goalkeeper gets sent off, defender makes two saves (and scores himself) in Champions League qualifying shootout

Brooks Peck

Bulgarian club Ludogorets qualified for the Champions League group stage in a way that has made all Hollywood films seem even more unimaginative than they already did.

Down 1-0 to Steaua Bucuresti after the first leg, Ludogorets scored a dramatic equalizer in the 89th minute of the second leg to force extra time. Neither side could score a deciding goal in the additional periods, but then something happened that would make this the Champions League qualifying playoff to end all Champions League qualifying playoffs.

Ludogorets goalkeeper Vladislav Stoyanov was sent off in the 118th minute. With penalties seeming inevitable, this was made into an even bigger problem by the fact that Ludogorets had already used all of their substitutions. So they were forced to make the move that immediately wins the support of all fans everywhere: having an outfield player put on the gloves and step into goal. And Romanian defender Cosmin Moti, who previously played for Dinamo Bucuresti, was that hero.

Once extra time ended and the shootout began, Moti went all in for maximum cult legend status by deciding to take the first shot himself. He scored. And then HE SAVED NOT ONE BUT TWO SHOTS. Ludogorets won the shootout 6-5 thanks to COSMIN FREAKING MOTI in three different ways.

This is a level of insanity that simply shouldn't happen in real life. Cosmin Moti wins football. If there was any justice, Germany would give him the World Cup trophy and that would be that.

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