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A glimpse at the girl watching habits of Cristiano Ronaldo

Dirty Tackle

With Real Madrid in the U.S. for their preseason tour, Spanish TV channel Cuatro sent their cameras out to the States to track the movements of the team out in the wild. Naturally, the cameras zeroed in on Cristiano Ronaldo and they ended up with a piece all about him watching an attractive blonde woman who happened to be in his field of vision. This is basically what would happen if Mtv produced nature documentaries.

It starts out with Ronaldo first spotting her (even with the distraction of music pumping through his earbuds). He watches the woman from a distance with sidekick Marcelo. He stares at her, probably thinking about his devotion to swimsuit model girlfriend Irina Shayk. Jose Mourinho eventually joins Ronaldo to scope her out, too, covering his mouth like a mafioso trying to hide from government lip readers, then busting up with laughter before walking away.

And then the tale of Ronaldo looking at a woman comes to an abrupt end. This video has well over 100,00 views on YouTube. This is what people care about.

UPDATE: The blonde woman is apparently Lena Gercke. She is Real Madrid midfielder Sami Khedira's new girlfriend. Uh-oh.

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