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Former Bulgarian Prime Minister becomes country’s oldest professional footballer

Dirty Tackle

At 54 years old, former Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has become the country's oldest professional footballer. Even during his political career, Borisov played for amateur third-division club Vitosha Bistritsa, who won promotion to the professional second division for the first time this season. And that means Borisov — voted Bulgaria's Footballer of the Year in 2011 (beating Dimitar Berbatov) as a fan protest of the state of the game in the country — is now the record holder.

From Reuters:

At 54 years, two months and 12 days, Borisov, who resigned from government in February during nationwide protests in the EU's poorest country, had secured a place in the Bulgarian record books, according to local statisticians.

Borisov, wearing number 13, was cheered by the Lokomotiv stadium crowd in the Sofia district of Nadezhda every time he touched the ball during his 54 minutes of action.

The video above shows Borisov playing for Vitosha in 2009. As you can see, he's not as fast as Gareth Bale or as nimble as Lionel Messi, but he can bury a penalty and he might be at the right price level for a last minute bid from Arsenal.

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