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Dirty Tackle

Fernando Torres is just as confused about why he can’t score as we are

Dirty Tackle

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Fernando Torres (center) can still hear the laughter. (Getty)

Since Chelsea bought Fernando Torres for a British record £50 million a little over a year ago. his complete inability to score goals with any semblance of regularity has gone from the hope of Liverpool fans to the jokes of all fans and, finally, to the befuddling expectation of everyone, including Fernando himself. While some of his problems can be blamed on inadequate service, Torres has invented ways to miss far too many astoundingly easy chances to brush it all off on external factors. Yet, even he is profoundly confused as to why his once prolific finishing ability has become the worthy subject of pity and punchlines.

Torres told ESPN:

"It is a difficult situation because I am happy in my personal life. We really like the club and we're very happy here to be involved with the staff and the players. [...]

"Personally, I have to improve. In my time at Liverpool there were games where I would not be playing well or I would be doing nothing but every time I touched the ball, I scored. It's such a strange feeling now because I am feeling better than ever physically. I am not finding the chances and when I do find the chances, I cannot score.

"My present and my future are here. I have many things to do here and I want to do it because I always did what I wanted in every club I've been at, so this is not going to be different."

He's healthy, he's happy, he's focused and driven, yet, he still can't score goals. But it's that realization that could very well be holding him back. Since confidence is such an important factor for footballers, having those three words -- "I cannot score" -- in Torres' head could very well be that one piece holding him back. Then again, Nicklas Bendtner is scientifically proven to have superhuman confidence and look at him.

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