Fernando Llorente presented with a large bread upon Spain’s arrival in Poland

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Defending European champions Spain arrived at their hotel in Gniewino, Poland on Tuesday ahead of the start of Euro 12 and they were greeted by a very nice welcome committee. As the band played, a girl in traditional garb presented confused striker Fernando Llorente with a basket containing a large bread as his teammates laughed and applauded (about 1:00 into the video).

In Poland bread and salt are a traditional show of hospitality (usually done during weddings today), but it's unclear why Llorente was chosen as the recipient over all the other players and staff. Perhaps the girl knew Llorente likes to load up on carbs after a long journey.

Once Llorente figured out what to do with his gift, the Spanish players and coaches headed inside the hotel while Xavi stopped to take pictures of the cheerleaders.