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Falcao tricked into thinking he destroyed €450k Ferrari in Spanish TV prank

Ryan Bailey
Dirty Tackle

Rio Ferdinand may be the king of pranking footballers for televisual entertainment, but our friends in Spain have taken a leaf from his Big Book of Merks with a stunt at Radamel Falcao's expense.

Each festive season, Spanish TV station La1 broadcasts a live charity telethon called 'Gala Inocente, Inocente'. In a bit on Friday night's edition -- recorded shortly after Falcao smashed five past Deportivo La Coruña -- his Atletico Madrid teammate Adrian (who is in on the prank) accompanies the Colombian to take a test drive of a €450,000 Ferrari Spider [1.05 in the video].

The Atleti strikers then take the pricey sports car to a restaurant in Boadilla del Monte, a small town within Madrid [5.50]. While Falcao eats a delicious meal wearing a sports jacket he must have borrowed from an elderly teacher, the Ferrari is driven away [8.38], and the space in which he parked is made to look like a space reserved for cars that are due to be crushed and recycled. Uh-oh spaghetti-os!

When the free scoring Colombian leaves the restaurant, he initially believes the car has been stolen. When it is explained that the car is now a much-less-functional cube of metal, we are treated to the hilarious facial expression of a man who thinks he has made a €450,000 mistake [10.07].

Perhaps calculating the amount of time he will have to work to make that money back (it could be up to three weeks!), Falcao then stands in mouthbreathing silence for the next minute-and-a-half of the video.

Shortly after the police turn up and the La Liga star is taunted some more, female Spanish Ashton Kutcher brings the unharmed car back [14.10] and for some reason gives the relieved striker a bunch of flowers. Because every alpha male sports star wants to receive flowers after a humiliating television hoax experience.

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