Fabrizio Miccoli scores with a sublime volley from 40 yards out

Brooks Peck

It's been a difficult start to the season for Palermo. They're already on their second manager of the season (and 20th different one since 2002) and prior to Sunday, they still had not won after five Serie A matches, but 33-year-old captain Fabrizio Miccoli helped changed that with a hat trick in their 4-1 win against Chievo Verona.

The final goal of his hat trick came in the 82nd minute, when he launched a perfectly placed volley from about 40 yards away that went over the keeper's head and bounced into the net.

Said Miccoli after the match (via Football Italia):

"It is one of my best days. This is my sixth year in Palermo, yet every time it feels like I have to start from scratch and prove I'm not old or just worthy of playing the last half-hour."

I think he proved his point.

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