Every single way Fabregas is ‘suffering’ over desired Barca move

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Xavi told Barcelona's official website that Cesc Fabregas told him in Ibiza that "he was suffering because he wanted to come [to Barca]." This is a list of every single way in which Cesc is suffering.

-He has to hang out in the sunny paradise of Ibiza with his friend Xavi instead of going on Arsenal's preseason tour in Asia.

-He has to go to the trouble of complaining about Arsenal's stubbornness to Xavi while in that sunny paradise of Ibiza. Probably while drinking a lemonade and have beautiful women massage his feet.

-He can't publicly wear the Barca shirt with his name on his back that he bought from the official club shop. And paying that much for a shirt you only wear around the house is just a waste of money.

-He has to ignore endless questions and comments from his 1,000,000+ Twitter followers about the likelihood of his transfer. Which is hard when trying to read the many comments proclaiming undying love and praise for him.

-He has to delete 18 voice messages from a weepy Arsene Wenger every day.

-He can't show anyone the portrait of Pep Guardiola riding a manatee through an underwater wonderland that he painted as a gift he will present to his new manager on his first day with the club.

-He has to get paid millions to be an employee of a world famous club that is not Barcelona.

-And finally, after dreaming about sitting on the Barcelona bench and watching as his teammates win trophy after trophy, he must wake up to the harsh realization that it was only a dream.

Photo: Getty