Eric Cantona is running for the French presidency (or not)

Brooks Peck

Following his unsuccessful attempt to start a financial revolution in France by calling for people to take their money out of the corrupt and failing banks, Eric Cantona has decided that the only way to create change is to do it yourself. So, he's decided to run for the French presidency.

Before the 45-year-old Manchester United legend, former French national team captain and kung-fu fan kicker can begin his campaign, he needs the signatures of 500 mayors before the end of February. So to begin his signature collecting efforts, he wrote an impassioned letter.

From the AP:

Newspaper Liberation printed a copy of the letter Cantona sent to mayors around France on its website Monday. In it, Cantona pledges to fight against social inequality if given the chance to do so.

"I am an attentive citizen of our era, of the opportunities it offers to young people—(which are) too limited—of the injustices it generates—too many, too violent, too systematic," Cantona wrote in the letter.

"I am a committed citizen," he continued. "This engagement obliges me to speak up, more seriously than usual, but also with a keen sense of my responsibility, at a time when our country is faced with difficult choices."

This obviously needs to happen. Eric Cantona must become the next French president. If only so he can deliver a few flying kicks to the mouthiest members of the UN.

UPDATE: Well, we should've known this was too good to be true. It turns out this is just a publicity stunt to gain support for the country's homeless crisis. Cantona is looking for signatures and will hold a series of presidential type rallies, but only to raise awareness of the issue.