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Dirty Tackle

DTotD: Velasquez nearly separates Marquez’s leg from his body

Dirty Tackle

In the 54th minute of Guatemala's doomed Gold Cup quarterfinal match against Chicharito and Mexico, midfielder Wilfred Velasquez lunged in on Rafa Marquez with a two-footed challenge near midfield that caused the Mexican captain to get big air before landing on the pitch in agony. The replay shows that Velasquez planted his studs in Marquez's leg and had it been planted a bit firmer, it might not have gone flying with him.

Velasquez was only shown a yellow for that and Marquez would play on, even earning a yellow of his own in the 85th minute. Chicharito got his own style of revenge on Velasquez about 10 minutes after he took out Marquez by scoring a backheel winner right in front of Guatemala's keeper. Because he's unforgiving like that.

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