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DTotD: Andre Dias punches Mark van Bommel in the side of the head

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Perhaps as karmic retribution for his own misdeeds on the pitch over the years, Mark van Bommel fell victim to a wicked punch to the side of the head from Lazio defender Andre Dias during Milan's 3-1 Coppa Italia win on Thursday.

Dias was marking Van Bommel on a corner kick in the 61st minute when he decided to punch the opposite side of the Dutch international's head, seemingly for no reason whatsoever. Though Van Bommel himself would pick up a yellow card in the 70th minute, Dias was not booked for his attack.

At some point, when Dias least expects it, Van Bommel will get his revenge. And so will Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Just for the fun of it.

UPDATE: Dias has been banned for three Coppa Italia matches for his head punch.

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