Djibril Cisse wants you to wear baffling and offensive T-shirts

Ryan Bailey

If you've ever woken up one day and thought "I'd like to dress more like that maniac Djibril Cisse," then you may already have found his fashion brand Mr. Lenoir.

The men's and women's lifestyle marque de mode, owned and created by the on-loan QPR striker, announced the release of several new t-shirt designs via Twitter on Thursday.

The highlight is surely a garment named "Mr Lenoir F**k Tee" which carries a slogan all-but guaranteed to fend off families and members of the opposite sex: "Fornication Under Consent of the King".

The keen observers will note that the first letters of the slogan combine to make a rude word, which Yahoo! decency guidelines require us to partially obscure with an angry Joey Barton face.

If you wish to make yourself unwelcome in public spaces, it can be yours for just £25. You should probably pick up one of these while you're there. And just marvel at this...