Dirty Tackle

A creepy fake Sepp Blatter dances to the tune of FIFA’s ‘exploitation’ of Brazil

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Swiss charitable organization Solidar Suisse has launched a campaign targeting FIFA's habit of holding World Cups that saddle a country with debt while they profit. The campaign includes the video above, which shows a nightmarish fake Sepp Blatter dancing to a parody of Michel Telo's "Ai Se Eu Te Pego."

Solidar's accusations against FIFA paint a picture of a tyrannical organization that avoids taxes and gets away with whatever it wants (yep, that's FIFA!). According to Solidar, there were 20,000 people evicted or relocated from their homes to allow for infrastructure upgrades in the lead up to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and in Brazil, site of the 2014 World Cup, there have already been 80,000 evictions and that number is expected to double.

But wait, there's more. Says Solidar:

$14.5bn (USD) is being spent on new stadiums and infrastructure upgrades, with five new stadiums being built for the Football World Cup and seven renovated. Private investors have obviously learned from the lessons of South Africa: only the renovation of two stadiums and parts of a third are being privately financed, and no private investors have been found for the others. The stadiums of Brasilia, Cuiabá, Manaus and Natal are likely not [to] be used to capacity after the World Cup.

Much like Brazil, South Africa was promised economic growth, prospects and new jobs for [the] country. A projected profit of 700m Swiss Francs transpired to be a loss of 2.8bn, while FIFA and its partners took over 3bn in profit.

In short, this provides even more reasons to be outraged by FIFA and even more things that will be completely ignored by FIFA as they continue to do whatever the poop they want. But hey! Look at creepy Sepp dance!

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