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‘Champion of the league of records’ Jose Mourinho says he was the manager of Real Madrid’s best team ever

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It's been a few months since Jose Mourinho defended his record at Real Madrid, so to make up for lost time, he went into full Special One mode and sang his own praises as loud and clear and he could. He even gave himself a new title in the process.

From ESPN:

"My teams are great teams. My teams are the ones with all the goal records. I am the champion of the League of Records. That is my place in history," Mourinho said. [...]

"Who is the manager of the best Real Madrid team in history? That is me," he said. "One hundred points, 121 goals, champion against the best Barcelona there ever has been. I am the one.

"Real Madrid was a defensive team? We scored 121 goals and got 100 points. My Chelsea was defensive? But they still have the Premier League points record.

"Sometimes a lie that is repeated a lot fools people into thinking it is true. Are my teams attacking? They are built to win. You have to be dominant to win more than not so that is what my teams try to be."

Though Mourinho is at the very least technically correct about having the best team in Real Madrid's history, fans of the first Galactico era or the teams that won five straight European Cups between 1955 and 1960 will likely argue his assertion.

Anyway, you can start addressing Mourinho as the "Champion of the League of Records" in all formal correspondence now. And nevermind the fact that the League of Records is something he just made up.

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