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Cesc Fabregas had premonition of penalty winner, talked to the ball

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Cesc Fabregas finishes off Portugal. (Getty)

After scoring the final penalty in Spain's quarterfinal shootout against Italy at Euro 2008 and setting up Andres Iniesta's extra-time winner against the Netherlands in the 2010 World Cup final, Cesc Fabregas has once again come off the bench to play a key role for his side. And apparently his latest success, the decisive final penalty in Spain's Euro 12 semifinal win over Portugal, was partially the result of his psychic powers and ball whispering abilities.

From the Telegraph:

"I had a funny feeling about the penalties and I was thinking about them this afternoon. That life has given me another chance like this is really incredible," Fabregas said.

"When I stepped up to take the penalty I said to the ball that we had to make history and it shouldn't let me down. They told me initially to take the second one but I said no give me the fifth as I had this premonition."

(Here's a gif of Cesc informing manager Vicente Del Bosque that he wants to go fifth instead of second.)

The part about talking to the ball is reminiscent of "Happy Gilmore" -- the source of many fine ideas about being a professional athlete -- but the premonition is evidence of Cesc's true magic. It also might be what has prevented him from being hit by a Volkswagen driven by Arsene Wenger.

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"I just deja vu'd all over myself!" (Getty)

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