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Dirty Tackle

Cech tested protective mask by having balls thrown at his face

Dirty Tackle

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We've already seen how Petr Cech's broken nose has pushed him closer to his total transformation into Darth Vader, but the question as to whether he could actually play in the Czech Republic's Euro 2012 playoff against Montenegro remained. So, during Thursday's training session, Cech strapped on his helmet and his new protective mask and tested it out pretty much the only way he could. By having balls thrown at his face.

From Soccernet:

"It's a bit unusual but I used to play ice-hockey when I was a kid so I had wires before my eyes and I never minded that," Cech said. "[In training] They threw a ball from a metre at it and it hurt only as if they had touched the nose.

"If I considered all risks, I wouldn't have to come here. There are things in the game that you can't influence. If I get hit, I'll get hit".

And with that, he declared himself fit to play.

Cech has an impressive Ivan Drago ("If he dies, he dies.") level of detached fortitude about this. Between this and skull fracture, no one can ever question Darth Petr's toughness.

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