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Brighton unappreciative of giant pooping bird seat design

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Builders of Championship side Brighton & Hove Albion's new 22,300-seat Falmer Stadium made a sneaky addition to the club's seagull logo patterned seats that was not appreciated by their employers. With the first match at the new ground for the League One winners on July 16, the builders added a few strategically placed white seats directly under the seagull to make it look as if it's defecating as it soars.

Was this some sort of labor dispute protest? Maybe the work of builders who happened to be rival Crystal Palace fans? It remains a mystery. From the Telegraph:

Either way Brighton are not amused, and have now re-arranged the offending seats and added them to their seagull logo's tail.

They're not entirely humourless down in Sussex, though, as the seat-relocation process has been termed a "clean-up operation."

Hopefully Brighton brought in Gary Lineker, a man with experience cleaning up a public defecation at a football stadium, to handle that operation.

Photo: Roger Bamber

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