Bride punched, lobsters thrown, police called (twice) during former Newcastle player’s wedding

Brooks Peck
June 10, 2012

Newcastle released 25-year-old midfielder Danny Guthrie on his wedding day. This was only the beginning. Several hours later, early in the morning of June 2, police were twice called to Allerton Castle, the extravagant site of Guthrie's £40,000 wedding, where everything from bride punching to the throwing of lobster dinners had reportedly taken place.

From the Telegraph:

It was reported that bride, Rebecca, 23, was punched in the face during the melee and had to go to hospital for checks the following morning.

Police broke up the first fracas but then at 4am - after staff at the Castle had locked out the guests - police were called again by the frightened managers when a man allegedly kicked and smashed down the door to gain entry.

Yesterday, in an apparent reference to the incident, Guthrie suggested the incident had been blown out of proportion.

"[It's] been made to look a whole lot worse. [G]ossip gossip gossip," said Guthrie on Twitter, probably referring to the claim that guests were throwing the lobster thermidor that was prepared by a Michelin starred caterer. But the Telegraph's Allerton Castle sources claimed otherwise.

"To say they behaved like peasants with money is an understatement," the sources said. "They were obnoxious and disgusting. One could say it would be expected of a rough pub on a council estate, but then that's probably unfair to council estates. It was more Big Fat Gypsy Wedding than our usual clientele."

You can stick your nose up in the air all you want, but all things considered, this wedding sounds like it was way more fun than William and Kate's.