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Bayern defender arrested on suspicion of setting his house on fire

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The story of 21-year-old Bayern Munich defender Breno losing his home in Gruenwald was sad enough to begin with, but now it gets worse with news that he's been arrested on suspicion of starting the blaze himself.

From the AFP:

Steinkraus-Koch also said there was "a precise suspicion" of attempted arson against the 21-year-old player, whose luxury villa in the Munich suburbs went up in flames on Monday evening.

Breno, who joined Bayern from Sao Paulo in 2008, had been briefly hospitalised for smoke inhalation after the blaze at his house, which is reported to have started in a guest room in the basement. [...]

German media also revealed on Friday that Breno -- full name Vinicius Rodrigues Borges -- had consulted a doctor at the Max-Planck Psychiatry Institute at the behest of his employers.

Bayern later confirmed to Munich newspaper the Muenchner Merkur that they had advised the player to seek psychological help.

Psychological doubts combined with the fact that he's currently suffering from a potentially career-threatening knee injury and that his wife and two-year-old son weren't home at the time and amateur analysis begins to show why the suspicion is there.

Adding further intrigue, Bild reports that the house was only a rental and that hours before the fire, Breno was told he would need another operation on his knee. So it seems Breno is in need of more help than being locked in a cell might afford.

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