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Dirty Tackle

Ball boy saves a shot on goal, runs away

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

In a match between Guarany and Sergipe to decide the Campeonato Sergipano in Brazil, Sergipe led 1-0 very late in the game. So, in a last ditch effort to get an equalizing goal, Guarany's goalkeeper went forward for a corner kick, leaving his own net empty.

Guarany's corner kick was a poor one, though, landing right in the hands of the Sergipe keeper, who tried to take advantage of his counterpart's gamble by throwing the ball to a teammate who was making a run for that empty net. After he sprinted past the halfway line with the Guarany keeper trying desperately to catch up to him, all he had to beat was one last Guarany defender between him and the open goal. And though his shot got past the defender, it was saved before it could hit the net by a sneaky Guarany ball boy who had taken it upon himself to enter the match as an emergency goalkeeper.

Though his clearance was cheered by the home fans, the ball boy immediately ran away hoping that the ref somehow didn't spot him. But everyone did see him, prompting a scuffle when the Sergipe players protested the interference. Since Sergipe already had the lead and the goal would've just extended it had it gone in, the referee ended the match to make the incident irrelevant. Still funny, but irrelevant.

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