Arsene Wenger doesn’t want to hang out with Arsenal fans

Ryan Bailey
September 22, 2011

Arsene Wenger
Arsene Wenger

With 14 goals conceded — the highest number in the Premier League — Arsenal's annual dip in form is bigger and earlier than usual this season, and Arsene Wenger is about as popular as a Ryan Dunn joke at a Comedy Central Roast.

Each year, Arsenal shareholders are afforded the opportunity to ask the manager questions, but in light of their shaky start, the Q&A event has been pulled:

Arsene Wenger's annual grilling from shareholders has been shelved because of Arsenal's disastrous start to the season.

The shareholders were expecting to quiz the Frenchman this month, but the club have told them by email it is unlikely to happen in the short term.


Arsenal have confirmed that there are no plans to conduct the question-and-answer session with Wenger in the near future.

It's believed that club officials postponed the event for fear of repeating the bad atmosphere of the 2009 meeting, where several heated exchanges were edited out of a video posted to Arsenal TV.

Wenger, however, might have to face the music next month when he attends the club's AGM next month. Unless he just turns up and stands at the back wearing a fake beard and dark sunglasses. Or perhaps in a long raincoat and fishing hat, reading a newspaper with eye holes cut into it.

Photo: AP