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Arsenal TV conducts most hilarious Arshavin interview ever

Dirty Tackle

We all know how weird and wonderful Andrei Arshavin's Q&A sessions with the fans of his official website are, and it seems the people at Arsenal TV are, as well. In a segment appropriately titled Weird and Wonderful, they ask Arshavin a series of pretty typical wacky questions. Andrei, of course, responds in ways that only Andrei Arshavin can.

There's too much hilarity in this clip to go over every bit of it here, but highlights include:

-His dream-state desire to see "the real" Santa Claus. If anyone on Arsenal believes there is a real Santa, I always knew it would be him.

-The fact that he will eat anything and everything off the floor.

-The way he closes his eyes and cracks himself up.

-His desire to be his own wife.

-His desire to deny Arsene Wenger his favorite foods.

-The fact that it took him most of the day to come up with the wrestling name "Small Russian."

-His initial response to the possibility of being reincarnated is to make a farting noise with his mouth.

-His enjoyment of spraying bug spray everywhere in his home.

-How every car on the road makes him angry.

In conclusion, this video is gold.

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Video via ONTD

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