Arsenal players prove mean tweets wrong, mean tweeters sheepishly respond

PR savvy bookmaker Paddy Power put together a funny video of Arsenal players proving mean tweets about them wrong. Per Mertesacker proved that he can turn faster than milk, Lukas Podolski proved he can hit a barn door (eventually) and Mikel Arteta proved he can take a better penalty than someone's grandmother.

You might have expected these tweets to have been faked just for the sake of the video, but they were, in fact, very real (though the grandmother wasn't) and the identities of the original tweeters were not changed to protect them. As a result, they were all put on blast and didn't know it until after the video was released. Here's how they responded...

Mitchel Cooper admitted that he was wrong about milk going sour faster than Mertesacker can turn his large frame.

Sam Kaye apologized directly to Podolski, presumably for both his comment and spelling Lukas' name wrong in it.

And Joe Wilson enjoyed the representation of his grandmother.

So, learn something that I haven't and be careful what you write on the internet. You just might get called out for it.

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Brooks Peck

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