Arsenal fan covers himself in jam because Nicklas Bendtner scored

Ryan Bailey
January 2, 2014


On New Years Day, Arsenal found themselves unable to break down Cardiff's disciplined defence, so they resorted to a desperate measure: in the 64th minute, Nicklas Bendtner was brought on as a substitute.

In recent times, the misfiring Dane has been suffering from an unfortunate combination of lacking match fitness and not being very good, prompting Gunners fans to boo and jeer him when he has ventured onto the field.

One supporter had such little faith in the most self-confident footballer in the world that he made a throwaway vow via Twitter:

Not long after the fan made the jam-based covenant, however, Nicky Bendtner saved the day by stabbing home an 88th-minute goal. When Theo Walcott doubled the advantage in injury time, James 'Raul' Stokes tried to wriggle out of his pledge, but eventually succumbed to social media pressure and purchased a jar of the sweet preserve and smeared it all over himself.

The result, as remarked by Brooks Peck of this parish, is a bit like a sticky Terry Butcher:


This isn't the first time Bendtner's surprise goalscoring has caused a Twitter user to apply a popular supermarket item to someone's face. In early December, the Dane's strike against Hull meant a fan was forced to fulfil his vow to put toothpaste on his mother's eyebrows while she slept.

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