Argentine goalkeeper bites opponent on the back, goes unpunished

Brooks Peck
November 9, 2013

Union and Boca Unidos played to a 4-4 draw in the Argentine second division and all those goals apparently made Boca Unidos goalkeeper Jose Martinez Gullota hungry. After making the most of a harmless midair collision with Union's Diego Jara at the edge of the box, Martinez sunk his teeth into Jara's back.

The referee didn't see the blatant show of cannibalism, so Gullota was not booked for the animalistic offense. It did make two-time human biter Luis Suarez hungry, though.

The fact that this has happened more than twice in recent memory is frightening, tough. Is football turning players into zombies that crave each other flesh? In August, a footballer in Ecuador tried to bite an opponent's nose and last year Corinthians' Emerson Sheikh bit the hand of a Boca Juniors defender like it was a turkey sandwich. At this rate FIFA might need to hire Rick Grimes as a referee for next summer's World Cup.

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