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  • Letters from Bojan: The struggle becomes real

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle2 days ago

    The earnest question of whether   Lionel Messi   could do it on a cold, wet night in Stoke has persisted as a cliched joke for a few years now. So when   Barcelona surprisingly sold Bojan, a 24-year-old once hyped as the next Messi, to Stoke City , the only explanation was that Messi personally asked him to go there on an expedition to see if the conditions in this mythical place are as challenging as the fables suggest. This is Bojan's third letter back to his friend.

    Dear Leo,

    The days are getting shorter and the leaves are falling from the trees like tears from my face. I have only started one match since I last wrote to you two months ago. I am quickly learning that English football truly is as cruel a place as the legends say. Maybe even worse. With that said, I hope you are well.

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