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  • Wolfsburg's Junior Malanda starts Bundesliga season with astonishing miss against Bayern

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle8 hrs ago

    The new Bundesliga season kicked off with champions Bayern Munich facing Wolfsburg and it produced a miss of the season candidate that will be tough to beat. With Bayern up 2-1, Wolfsburg used their last substitution to bring on 19-year-old defender Junior Malanda in the 72nd minute.

    Just five minutes later, Malanda found himself charging through Bayern's back line with a perfect cross at his feet. His first-touch shot was deflected by Manuel Neuer, but Malanda stayed after it and had a chance at the rebound on an empty net after the ball came off the crossbar, but he somehow put it wide of the post from an improbable angle.

    Had he scored, it would've been a shock equalizer and made him a a hero. Instead, Wolfsburg lost 2-1 and Malanda's confidence is now shot. So if you see Junior Malanda at any point over the next few months, just tell him everything will be OK.

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  • Barcelona charging just $3,000 a year to convert American kids into fans of the club

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle14 hrs ago

    European clubs have been attempting to win over fans in the U.S. with summer tours for years now, but Barcelona might have discovered the most effective and profitable way to achieve this mission: youth academies that teach kids to be fans of the club for the low price of $3,000 a year.

    Barca's first permanent youth academy in the U.S. opens in south Florida this month, promising to teach kids lucky enough to be selected and have parents willing to spend thousands of dollars the methodology that has produced some of the best footballers in the world. From the AP:

    Over 600 boys and girls attended tryouts in May, some coming from other states and countries, like Haiti, Venezuela and Canada, to vie for 384 spots. The winners will pay $3,000 annually to attend the academy, which does not include room, board or schooling. Some parents say they will move their family to South Florida if their child is picked.

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