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  • Radamel Falcao almost takes pitcher's head off while trying baseball batting practice

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle1 day ago

    Monaco were in Miami for a friendly against Colombian side Atletico Nacional and while they were there, Radamel Falcao tried his hand at baseball. The prolific Colombian striker took batting practice at Marlins Stadium and as the video above shows, he took some good cuts.

    He even fired one line drive right back at the pitcher, who managed to just duck out of the way before being decapitated. Thankfully, no one was hurt and everyone was able to laugh about it, but that pitcher still got quite a scare.

    Liverpool players also took batting practice while in Boston for their friendly against Roma at Fenway Park. Here's Steven Gerrard's attempt...

    Video via 101GG

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  • Letters from Bojan: Arriving in the mythical land of Stoke

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle1 day ago

    The earnest question of whether Lionel Messi could do it on a cold, wet night in Stoke has persisted as cliched joke for a few years now. So when Barcelona surprisingly sold Bojan, a 23-year-old once hyped as the next Messi, to Stoke City, the only explanation was that Messi personally asked him to go there on an expedition to see if the conditions in this mythical place are as challenging as the fables suggest. This is Bojan's first letter back to his friend.

    Dear Leo,

    As promised, I am writing to let you know that I have arrived in Stoke. Gerard Pique was right. It is a real place. But the tales of endless nights filled with sheets of rain and frigid wind like a witch's breath that instantly turns foreigners to stone is not true. I have seen the sun here and it is quite warm, but I realize the season has not yet begun. Perhaps that is when the horrific conditions described on the internet curse the land. I must admit that I am still quite scared.

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  • Carmelo Anthony shows off his juggling skills at Real Madrid's training session in LA

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle1 day ago

    NBA star Carmelo Anthony visited Real Madrid's training session in Los Angeles on Wednesday with his friend Dontaye Draper, who played for Real's basketball team for two years. Anthony said that he is a Madridista and his favorite player is "of course" Cristiano Ronaldo. He then demonstrated his juggling skills, penalty taking, and heading ability that rivals Peter Crouch.

    Once he had the champions of Europe thinking about asking for a refund on the € 80 million they just spent on James Rodriguez, Anthony met the Real Madrid players and Alvaro Arbeloa asked him about his new five-year deal with the New York Knicks and new teammate Jose Calderon. Everyone — including manager Carlo Ancelotti — then got together for a group photo.

    Xabi Alonso concluded the visit by inviting Melo to Madrid.

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  • Louis van Gaal's Hug-O-Meter: How Man United players can win the affection of their new manager

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle2 days ago

    Louis van Gaal is settling in at Manchester United as he leads the club's preseason tour of the United States. During one of his first training sessions, he gave some animated corner kick instructions to Wayne Rooney and when Rooney's corner ended up in the back of the net, Van Gaal congratulated him with a big hug.

    Though Van Gaal has a deserved reputation for being a hot head with a short fuse, he's shown that he does have a soft side, as well. So what do Manchester United players need to do to win his shows of affection? Here's the breakdown...

    -Showing up early for training gets a stern nod of approval.

    -Telling a particularly good David Moyes joke gets a high five.

    -Saying that he makes Sir Alex Ferguson seem like he was the leader of a hippie drum circle gets a pat on the back.

    -Carrying out his instructions perfectly gets a hug.

    -Ignoring his instructions gets a hug that makes it impossible to breathe as he whispers the atrocities he will unleash upon you once you lose consciousness.

    -Scoring an exceptional goal gets his patented Super High Five.

    -Winning a trophy gets synchronized pelvic thrusts.

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  • What to do at the World Cup if you want a big money transfer to Barcelona or Real Madrid

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle2 days ago

    A strong showing at the World Cup can do great things for player's career. Barcelona and Real Madrid have now each signed two players who raised their profiles through a variety of methods at the 2014 World Cup and, in the process, they have revealed exactly what a footballer must do on the sport's biggest stage to maximize their value.

    Let's see what over-reaching conclusions we can draw from these moves.

    Name: Claudio Bravo Position: Goalkeeper Country: Chile Transfer: From Real Sociedad to Barcelona for  € 12 million What he did: Kept a clean sheet against Spain in the group stage and helped Chile to the round of 16, where they lost to Brazil in a penalty shootout. Bravo was one of many great keepers in this tournament, but if Chile had made it past the host nation, his fee could have been significantly higher.

    Name: Toni Kroos Position: Midfielder Country: Germany Transfer: From Bayern Munich to Real Madrid for € 30 million What he did: Helped Germany win the World Cup with two goals and four assists and was the highest rated player at any position in FIFA's Castrol Index Rankings.

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