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  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic's expert analysis of the Champions League group stage draw

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle1 day ago

    The 2014/15 Champions League group stage draw has been completed and this time it is personal. For Zlatan. This is interesting to me because I am Zlatan.

    Before I begin Zlanalyzing the groups, I must make something clear. This will be the year that Zlatan finally wins the Champions League. And if not this year, then next year. And if not next year, then the Champions League must be renamed to the League of Lies, because if the ultimate champion goes his whole career without winning it, then it was clearly never actually for real champions. I have spoken about this with Arsene Wenger and he is in total Zlagreement. But this is definitely the year that I will win it. Not even David Luiz can stop me.

    Group A

    Atletico Madrid Juventus Olympiacos Malmo

    Zlatan Zlays: This group includes two of Zlatan's former clubs and four that now live in fear of Zlatan. Last season was very magical for Atletico, winning La Liga and reaching the Champions League final, but when you use up all your magic spray at once, there is nothing left but pain or the awkward moment when you must stop pretending to be injured without the aid of magic spray. This is a Zlientific fact.

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  • Karim Benzema drives his €2 million chrome Bugatti Veyron to training because he's gotta drive it somewhere

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle1 day ago

    Not to be outdone by teammate Alvaro Arbeloa's super cool Morgan 3 Wheeler, Karim Benzema arrived at Real Madrid's training complex in his black and chrome Bugatti Veyron, which costs roughly €2 million. He documented the occasion on his Instagram account. 

    Benzema's car might have served a purpose beyond making everyone jealous, though. Cristiano Ronaldo once raced a Bugatti Veyron in a Nike commercial. Maybe Benzema was simply facilitating a rematch.

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