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  • Fan brings loaf of bread and jar of peanut butter to stadium to make sandwiches during Man City-CSKA match

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle8 mths ago

    While Man City were disappointing their home fans with a 2-1 loss to CSKA Moscow that leaves them bottom of the Champions League group E table, at least one supporter could take solace in the incredible savings he provided himself by making his own sandwiches at his seat.

    Following the match, a picture of a fan sitting front row, reportedly at the Etihad, with a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter and what appears to be a knife spread on social media. It's unclear how this person got all of their sandwich fixings into the ground, but they seemed to be more focused on the sandwich making than the action on the pitch that City end the match with nine men

    One Man City fan has resorted to making a peanut butter sandwich at the Etihad. pic.twitter.com/yyDTrXDcyn

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  • Goalkeeper in Scottish fourth division immediately goes home to Canada after nightmare match

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle8 mths ago

    The recent Angus derby couldn't have gone much worse for Montrose goalkeeper Lucas Birnstingl. In what would be a 5-1 loss for Montrose, Arbroath keeper David Crawford even scored the first goal of his career against Birnstingl with a long free kick that took a high bounce and rolled over the Canadian's fingertips to dribble in. On top of that, Birnstingl was sent off in the 82nd minute for a bad challenge that forced Montrose to put a striker in goal since they had already used all three substitutes.

    The only thing that could have made it worse for Birnstingl would've been getting struck by lightning as he walked off. But he might have welcomed that after what he had just experienced.

    Though everyone has bad days and Crawford's goal probably shouldn't have even counted since the ball was still rolling when he kicked it, Birnstingl took it all especially hard and went with the extreme measure of immediately fleeing the country.

    From the Daily Record:

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  • Wayne Rooney sings with Ed Sheeran, Leon Osman covers Will Smith, Petr Cech drums to the Foo Fighters

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle8 mths ago

    (Warning: NSFW language at the start of the video)

    Wayne Rooney recently attended an Ed Sheeran concert (and unlike Mark Clattenburg, he didn't get in trouble for it) and after the show was over, he went to a local pub with the singer. Perhaps aided by a bit of liquid courage, Rooney sang an emotional rendition of the song "Lego House" with Sheeran accompanying him on guitar and a small audience singing along.

    Though no one will confuse Rooney for Frank Sinatra anytime soon (hair difficulties aside), you can really hear the pain of yet another disappointing World Cup experience in his voice.

    Elsewhere, Everton midfielder Leon Osman delivered a rousing performance of Will Smith's classic "Boom! Shake the Room!" at his testimonial dinner...

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  • Puma confident they have solved Arsene Wenger's zipping problems

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle8 mths ago

    For years, Arsene Wenger had to endure the embarrassment of struggling to zip up the signature puffy coats that Nike provided for him, adding a symbolic image of weakness to the laundry list of troubles he already had. But Puma have now replaced Nike as Arsenal's kitmaker and they have gone to great effort to ensure that Wenger's zipping struggles are over.

    In a clever bit of marketing, Puma released the video above highlighting their work to eradicate this issue, starring Wenger himself as Confused Old man #1.

    Here's a close-up look at the zipper that could save Wenger a bit of unnecessary mockery this season. Note the unmissable add-on that says "PULL ME" in all capital letters.

    Previously — Future News: Arsene Wenger starts zipper difficulty awareness foundation

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