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  • Ashley Young still doesn't know if a bird pooped on his mouth or not

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle23 hrs ago

    Manchester United's home loss to Swansea to start the season featured something that appeared truly nauseating and it wasn't Man United's performance. Early in the match, Ashley Young looked to be the victim of a laser-guided shot of bird poop directly to his mouth. Footage of the incident quickly spread across the Internet, causing all who viewed it to recoil in horror and brush their teeth until their toothbrushes turned into a prison shivs.

    Closer examination of higher resolution video later seemed to prove that the substance assumed to be bird poop actually landed behind Young just as he spit up on his own lips and the whole thing was a perfect storm of optical illusions and regurgitation, but Ashley Young himself still remains unsure about what happened that day. His teammates were happy to mock him about it, though.

    From the Manchester Evening News:

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  • The Roy Keane faces that have inspired Aston Villa's impressive start

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle1 day ago

    Roy Keane is terror. But he is apparently the kind of terror that Aston Villa needed because since he's joined the club as Paul Lambert's assistant manager, they've started the season undefeated with three wins and a draw, putting them second behind Chelsea after finishing 15th last season. And the players have been praising his influence.

    Said Alan Hutton (via the Daily Mail):

    Joe Cole echoed that sentiment. From the Irish Independent:

    Keane has a variety of looks that convey his volcanic aura in a number of subtle but fiery ways. The following is a collection of the ones he's used thus far to spur Villa on to an undefeated start. (Waring: You'll notice that as Roy Keane's beard grows menacingly thicker, your control over your bowels will lessen significantly.)

    The "I can see you, I know what you've done, and you better fix it right now."

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