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  • Cesc Fabregas did the Macarena for his Chelsea initiation song

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle19 mins ago

    Making the new guys perform a song of their choosing has long been a tradition at Chelsea and no one is exempt. So during a team meal, World Cup winner Cesc Fabregas had to stand on a chair and sing a song. And to show his absolute fearlessness, he chose the Macarena. And he also did the dance along with it, because that's how you gain the respect of new teammates who best remember you as the captain of Arsenal.

    Here's Cesc standing on a chair and proudly doing the Macarena along with team doctor Eva Carneiro and another backup dancer obscured from view (massage therapist and club prankster Billy McCulloch?)...

    The little hop off of the chair was showed the flair of a true showman.

    Apparently doing the Macarena stirs up something deep inside Cesc, because in Chelsea's friendly against Vitesse Arnheim, he scored his first goal in blue with a lovely free kick.

    Maybe Fernando Torres should start including the Macarena in his pre-match warm-ups.

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  • Carles Puyol demonstrates impressive yoga poses with his girlfriend, inspires imitator

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle22 hrs ago

    Barcelona great Carles Puyol has retired from football and it seems he has replaced it in his life by serving as the base for his girlfriend's acrobatic yoga poses. Puyol has been posting pictures of him and girlfriend, Vanessa Lorenzo, doing next-level yoga on Instagram.

    Behold the synergy of mind and body that can only be achieved by someone who has the hair strength of 1,000 shorter haired people.

    This impressive display even inspired Spanish actor Carles Sans to follow Puyol's lead.

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  • Louis van Gaal thinks someone broke Manchester United (and it wasn't Alex Ferguson)

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle1 day ago

    Though Louis van Gaal has started his reign at Manchester United by notching two wins in as many preseason matches, he is far from satisfied with the state of his team. He said Man United's 3-2 win over Roma was "not a good performance" and now he's expressed his belief that it would have been easier to follow Sir Alex Ferguson than David Moyes because someone (or someones) broke the team.

    From the Telegraph:

    So who broke Man United? Well, no one wants to point any fingers, but their names might rhyme with "Shmavid Shnoyes" and "Bed Boodbard."

    In related news, David Moyes immediately burned his newspaper after reading these quotes.

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