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  • Watch Yaya Toure give Eden Hazard a playful halftime slap around

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle1 hr ago

    Before Frank Lampard scored the goal that will probably haunt him for the rest of his life, Chelsea and Man City were playing a hard-fought match — the physicality of which apparently carried over into the tunnel at halftime.

    As the two teams made their way back to the pitch for the second half, Man City's Yaya Toure came up behind an unsuspecting Eden Hazard and started slapping him around in a way that seemed to cause the much smaller Belgian to say something to the effect of "Come on, quit it! I'm telling mom!"

    The randomness of this playfulness in the midst of the other players getting themselves hyped for an important and tense 45 minutes of football is what makes it so enjoyable. Also, the look of "Oh my god, what is happening right now" confusion on James Milner's face as he seems to be the only person to notice them.

    There was nothing malicious about this, though. Hazard and Toure are apparently good friends. In fact, here they are hugging it out after the 2013 FA Cup semifinal...

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  • Don't get too excited about the FIFA ExCo member predicting a 2022 World Cup venue change

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle2 hrs ago

    FIFA executive committee member Theo Zwanziger is making headlines for his prediction that the 2022 World Cup will not be held in Qatar. But before this is taken as a major sign that FIFA will change the host nation after four years of controversy and protest it's important to note exactly what Zwanziger said and his history of speaking out against Qatar.

     First, here are Zwanziger's latest comments. Note that he prefaces his statement by saying "I personally think." This is an important distinction from someone who is often out of sync with his cohorts. From Reuters:

    You might remember that FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke made headlines of his own back in January when he spoke out of turn and said that the 2022 World Cup would not be held in June/July because of the Qatar heat, but that was quickly shot down by other FIFA executives.

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