Antonio Valencia is extremely unhappy with Ecuadorian baggage handlers

Ryan Bailey
Irrefutable proof that Antonio Valencia owns an empty camera bag (@7AntoV)
Irrefutable proof that Antonio Valencia owns an empty camera bag (@7AntoV)

After receiving a second yellow card during injury time of Ecuador's World Cup qualifier against Uruguay, Antonio Valencia was incensed enough to call the referee a clown. Match official Carlos Amarilla hasn't been the only person to grind the Manchester Utd winger's gears this week though, as he took Ecuadorian baggage handlers to task on Twitter for an alleged theft.

After a flight from Ecuador, Valencia arrived in Manchester missing his camera. Without entertaining the possibility that it was stolen upon arrival in Manchester, he immediately accused the folks who checked his bags in his home nation.

In addition to helpfully illustrating his predicament with a picture of himself pointing towards an empty camera bag while wearing one of his least impressed expressions, Valencia tweeted some vitriol:

"Yes, they rob you in your own country! They won't rob you anywhere else, these a******* that check your baggage in the airport robbed my camera."

"I hope they use it well, these f****ng fools. What a disgrace. What indignation."

Valencia has since apologized for his potty mouth, but a millionaire footballer getting this angry about the theft of a relatively inexpensive possession can only mean one thing: that camera had some 'invaluable' photos on it. I'm guessing it's Rio Ferdinand doing body shots off of Wayne Rooney at the Manchester Utd Christmas party. Actually, you'd probably be glad to lose that...