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Alex Ferguson thinks the FA treats Man Utd like excrement

Dirty Tackle

(Warning: Fergie says "s***.")

Fresh off winning Manchester United's record 19th title to surpass Liverpool and with a perfect start to the new season that included a Community Shield win over Man City, Sir Alex Ferguson is, of course, feeling a twinge of bitterness.

When asked about the number of Man United players in the England squad -- which could be as many as eight for next month's qualifiers -- Fergie broke out a little violin and began playing it for himself, saying:

"It is fantastic. The FA may realize who has produced more players for their country than any club in the world.

"Maybe they will get some joy from it and realize how important we are to England instead of treating us like s***. I am pleased for the players. They are outstanding.''

Yes, they treat Man United like dung by handing over all their trophies when you win them and punishing your players when they do something wrong -- the very definition of being treated terrible. I'm sure the people of Sudan will be sending you care packages very soon. Yes, sometimes other clubs aren't punished as harshly (or at all) for similar offenses, but that's what happens when you're the best -- you get held to a higher standard. Take it as a compliment and a challenge. Now stop moaning and enjoy your success.

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