Frustrated Andre Johnson on Texans: 'Is this still the place for me?'

Frank Schwab

The vibe in Houston should be good this week, with No. 1 pick Jadeveon Clowney headlining the latest draft class.

But Andre Johnson doesn't have the time to wait for this draft class to come in and develop and eventually improve Houston's 2-14 record from last year. Johnson has run out of patience, and although he hasn't specifically asked for a trade, he obviously isn't happy with the Texans anymore.

Johnson voiced his frustration to the Houston Chronicle about his situation. Johnson is likely on his way to the Hall of Fame, but is 32 and has barely experienced any team success in his 11 seasons with Houston.

"I just look at my career. ... I've only been to the playoffs twice," he told the Chronicle's Brian Smith.

He made it clear this isn't about his contract. But he doesn't plan on attending OTAs or the mandatory minicamp, so even though he hasn't officially requested a trade, it seems he wants out. 

Johnson probably has a point. He's still among the top 10 receivers in the NFL, coming off a 109-catch, 1,407-yard season. He's also looking at being a part of a team with a new coaching staff, with journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick poised to start at quarterback with no clear franchise quarterback of the future on the roster, on a team that could quadruple its 2013 win total and still not make the playoffs.

If Johnson ever does hit the trading block, there would be a tremendous battle for his services. Johnson has 12,661 career yards, has passed 1,400 yards four times in the past six seasons and is still very effective. Imagine what he could do for Seattle, Baltimore, Kansas City or New England, to name a few? Or if you stick him on New Orleans with Drew Brees, or if Denver decides he'd be a great replacement for Eric Decker? The possibilities would be intriguing. Perhaps the relationship hasn't gotten to that point, and his contract would make a trade difficult (he has more than a $12 million cap hit this year, and it jumps past $16 million next year). Johnson told the Chronicle the Texans are aware of his displeasure, so if Johnson was going to get moved it probably would have happened before the draft.

But for all the teams that would love to add Johnson to their offense, it's clear that one of the teams Johnson doesn't want to be on is the one he plays for now.

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