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Peyton Manning interested in joining Texans?

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Four-time NFL MVP Peyton Manning is still a member of the Indianapolis Colts, but that's not stopping plenty of other teams from salivating over the possibility that the folks in Indy are going to let him loose soon.

Houston Texans fans suddenly have the idea that Manning could be coming their way due to a report from KTRK Houston. "Someone … who is close friends with the Manning family says Peyton is definitely interested in possibly coming to the Texans," the station reports. "The person who knows the Mannings says Peyton wants to play on a team that has a chance of going to a Super Bowl, and the Texans fit that description."

The fact that the Texans play in the same division as the Colts is said to be a plus, KTRK reports, since Manning already knows all of the teams involved well.

The Texans won the division last season while the Colts went 2-14 without Manning, good enough to be worst in the league and qualify the Colts for the top overall draft pick this year, which will likely be Manning's successor.


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