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Tenn. family files suit claiming daughters were kicked off team for complaining about hazing

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A Tennessee family has filed a lawsuit which makes the disturbing claim that their three daughters were both banned from a variety high school basketball team because they complained about being hazed by their teammates, possibly in a sexual nature.

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The Siegel girls basketball program is under fire over the dismissal of two former players in a hazing controversy — Facebook

The Siegel girls basketball program is under fire over the dismissal of two former players in a hazing controversy …

As reported by Tennessean, three girls complained about hazing on the Siegel High (Mufreesboro, Tn.) girls basketball during the 2012-13 season. Two of those girls, sisters, were then kicked off the team.

Their parents now claim that the ban came as a direct result of their complaint about the hazing allegation. They are seeking unspecified damages, but are first focused on ensuring that the trial is presented to a jury.

While the two sisters complained that the hazing was sexual in nature, school officials argued against that claim, instead insisting that the hazing included only "inappropriate touching" and that the student responsible was punished for her actions. Neither side has portrayed the hazing as a repeating practice, but rather have said it was a one-off mistake made by a teenager.

The Mufreesboro Board of Education was quick to argue that the two girls who were kicked off the team were penalized for skipping team practices rather than their vocal complaints about hazing. One of the girls allegedly cleaned out her locker and threatened to quit the team amidst unspecified frustration, with the school's coach then taking her up on the offer, and sending her sister away as well.

Those developments led to an angry interaction between the parents of the girls and school officials at a basketball game. According to school officials, the parents threatened remaining members of the girls basketball team and officials themselves, leading to restricted access to school property for the parents.

Now, which side acted inappropriately will be determined in a court room, with significant fiscal and moral consequences on the line for the Mufreesboro school.

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