Reuben Foster cements switch from Alabama to Auburn with massive tattoo on forearm

Reuben Foster, among the nation's top overall prospects, made national news when he switched his commitment from Alabama to the Crimson Tide's hated rival, Auburn. When the rising Auburn (Ala.) High senior made the move, some questioned whether it would, indeed, be a final decision.

New Auburn commitment Reuben Foster's tattooed forearm — Twitter
New Auburn commitment Reuben Foster's tattooed forearm — Twitter

Any of those questions can probably be put to bed after one gets a peek at Foster's newest tattoo: A massive Auburn logo on his inner right forearm.

The photo, which was first revealed by Yahoo! Sports and affiliate Auburn Sports via publisher Justin Hokanson's Twitter account, shows a large design with star-like spokes shooting out from an Auburn interlocking AU logo. Surrounding that Auburn and star-like logo is a design which could be a spider web or scales. It's hard to tell precisely what the segments are supposed to be, but they surround the Auburn logo, which takes precedent on the teenager's forearm.

That probably kills of any chance of a return to an Alabama commitment, to say the least.

In fact, if Foster backed off his latest decision, he would probably be limited to a select few schools without undergoing some sort of major body art alteration. Alabama's signature cursive "A" is a bit too different from the "A" in the interlocking US design, not to mention the rivalry issue and hurt feelings from his de-commitment, so that's out. Arkansas' "A" might work, but it would require somehow adding a Razorback jumping through the letter itself, which would appear awfully crowded on Foster's forearm, so that probably wouldn't work, either.

That leaves the top two logo possibilities as the University of Arizona -- which uses a three-color block "A" by itself -- and Alaska, which has a polar bear walking along the bottom of its "A," as the two most logical choices for another locale with an "A" for Foster to move to if Auburn doesn't work out.

Naturally, there's no reason to believe that will happen. The senior transferred to Auburn High from LaGrange (Ga.) Troup High after his longtime coach was fired, setting the stage for a smooth transition from high school to college football. He's already in the Tigers' backyard, and there's absolutely no reason to believe that he'll have trouble moving on to the college level. Heck, his daughter already has the Tigers cheerleader outfit in her wardrobe.

Yet it's impossible not to wonder about the logic behind a player who has already changed his mind in the most dramatic way possible once getting a permanent insignia of his prospective college on his arm before he's fully qualified to go there or has signed on as a future player. A lot can change in anyone's life in the span of seven months, let alone the life of one of the nation's most highly sought teenagers.

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