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If you’re going to set an all-time consecutive point-after-touchdown record, you might as well do it with 11 in a game

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Aledo placekicker Chance Nevarez set a new record for consecutive PATs after hitting 11 on Friday — Gallemore Photography via Facebook

Aledo placekicker Chance Nevarez set a new record for consecutive PATs after hitting 11 on Friday — Gallemore Photography …

Meet Chance Nevarez. The native Texan is the new all-time record holder in consecutive conversions on point-after-touchdown attempts, and he did it with the most gusto possible, hitting 11 straight in a Friday night victory for Aledo High (Aledo, Tex.).

As reported by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and Weatherford Democrat, among other outlets, Nevarez holds a new national record for consecutive made extra points, with a total that stands at 117. There are plenty more games to come for the placekicker to add to that record mark, too.

The record was set nine minutes into the third quarter of a 77-16 Aledo rout of South Hills High (Fort Worth, Tex.) with a kick that soared straight and true through the uprights, his 115th straight, though Nevarez had some concerns leading up to the attempt.

"I was a little nervous," Nevarez told the Star-Telegram. "I was really trying not to think about what would happen if I missed it.

"I was just ecstatic, it doesn’t really feel real that I've accomplished this, but I wouldn't be able to do any of this without my teammates."

According to Nevarez's coach, the teen's talent was readily apparent quite early in his career, before he had even arrived on a high school campus.

"I started watching him when he was in seventh grade as a B team kicker. After watching for a little bit, I realized he was no B team kicker," Aledo head coach Tim Buchanan told the Democrat. "We tried to stay away from talking about it the last few weeks, but we wanted to get it at home and we did that."

Now that he has the record, the pressure will come off of Nevarez ... a bit. However, with his team primed for another deep state playoff run, there will be plenty more opportunities for him to feel the heat and have to perform in the spotlight. If anything, the new all-time mark proves that he isn't afraid of the added attention that comes in big moments.

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