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Why Is This News 46: Turkey Bowl Spectacular!Thanksgiving time! And before we decamp for the rest of the week and stuff ourselves with turkey and the like, we're firing off a podcast to get a few things off our chest. Specifically:

• What exactly are we supposed to do when our chosen sports end for the season? Take a break, right? (No, not really, boss.)

• Why do golf tournaments offer massages to reporters? In heaven's name, why?

• What the hell was I thinking when I wrote "you don't boo women"? I try to explain myself as Kaduk tries hard not to laugh in my face.

• Plus some horrific repressed memories of Turkey Bowls past, like the many times our fathers hammered on us in tackle football as kids.

Yeah, we're kind of all over the map here. Listen while you're stuck in an airport somewhere.

WHY IS THIS NEWS is the Yahoo! Sports Blogs' all-sports podcast, covering sports (and movies, and television, and whatever else strikes our fancy) through the eyes of our esteemed experts. We, as always, are Jay Busbee, the editor of From The Marbles and Devil Ball, and Kevin Kaduk, the editor of Big League Stew, and you are our reader/listener, and we thank you for that.

To play the podcast, click the link below or save it on your computer. You can also click on the iTunes button below (or right here) to subscribe through iTunes, or the RSS button below (or right here) to run the feed to other players. And if you can't get enough, you can follow us on Twitter at @jaybusbee and @bigleaguestew for further updates. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Why Is This News 46: Turkey Bowl Spectacular!

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