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Puck Daddy - NHL Last weekend was something of a dress rehearsal/victory lap in sports, as most major sports were running either all-star games or mostly irrelevant early/mid-season games. Still, that doesn't mean there wasn't fun to be had, and our Y!-mate Greg Wyshynski, estimable head honcho over at Puck Daddy, stormed Raleigh, N.C. for the NHL All-Star Game. Herewith, his full report ... but not immediately. This particular podcast runs like blindfolded hockey, kind of all over the place. An offhanded joke about Thrashers fans turns into a discussion about the NHL's Sun Belt Strategy. Talk of the TV viability of the All-Star Game and the instant-classic player draft turns into a discussion of television networks and the possibility of doing business with many NHL fans' version of the devil ... er, ESPN. We wrap with some discussion about upcoming hockey movies, including Kevin Smith's "Hit Somebody" and Seann William Scott's "Goon." It's fine stuff.

We, as always, are Jay Busbee, the editor of From The Marbles and Devil Ball, and a snowed-in Kevin Kaduk, the editor of Big League Stew, and you are our reader/listener, and we thank you for that.

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Why Is This News 29--Puck Daddy's Greg Wyshynski on the NHL All-Star Game

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