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Every baseball fan, from the paint-your-chest bleacher bums to the tweedy elite academic types to the stat-obsessed number crunchers, has a bit of the romantic in him- or herself. There's something about baseball that transcends the sports (web)page, giving it a timeless quality that connects you to a greater reality, a grand grass-and-dirt virtual cathedral to which we all have tickets --

... whew. Sorry about that, folks. Got a little carried away there with the poetry of baseball. But it's not my fault! See, we just spent four hours watching "Baseball: The Tenth Inning" and then talking with one of its creators, the esteemed documentarian Ken Burns, and we're just full of love for America's grandest game.

"The Tenth Inning" is, obviously, a sequel of sorts to Burns' landmark 1994 "Baseball" series, and brings us from the early 1990s right on up to today. And while you know all the stories here -- the 1994 strike, Cal Ripken, the McGwire-Sosa home run chase, Barry Bonds, the rise of the Yankees -- seeing them presented all together, with commentary from some of the brightest minds in baseball, is time well spent. It premieres next week, September 28-29, on PBS, and you can find out more by checking the Tenth Inning website right here

We, as always, are Jay Busbee, the editor of From The Marbles and Devil Ball, and Kevin Kaduk, the editor of Big League Stew, and you are our reader/listener, and we thank you for that.

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