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A bull jumped out of the ring and into the crowd during a bullfight in Tafalla, Spain, on Wednesday.

The 1,100-pound animal hurdled two barriers with ease before running amok in the grandstand. After injuring 40 people and causing a panic in the crowd, the bull was finally wrangled by expert handlers and later killed.

The incident was caught on video, and web searches on "bull jumping fence" and "bullfight in crowd" surged almost immediately from nil to breakout status. Despite the rampage's gruesome nature, people clearly wanted to witness it for themselves.  (Warning: the footage is upsetting; view here with caution.)

What's most frightening is how easily the bull clears the wall. It looks like a horse jumping over an obstacle in the equestrian.

Three people remain hospitalized, including a 10-year-old boy who is in intensive care. Another man was gored in the back, but is in stable condition. Neither injury is considered to be life-threatening.

Bullfighting has become a hot-button issue in Spain of late. Catalonia banned the sport earlier this year amidst concern about the treatment of the animals (most events end with the bull getting killed), and the safety of fans is also a worry.

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