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The biggest viral videos of the 2010 sports year run the gamut from inspirational to hilarious to mind-boggling to downright devious. Even after nearly 100 million views worldwide, these 10 clips are still worth seeing again.

Presenting Yahoo! Sports' Blogs top 10 viral videos of the year:

10. Football player with Down Syndrome scores touchdown

A goosebump-inducing reminder of how powerful sports can be. Read the definitive write-up on Ike Ditzenberger's touchdown at our high school sports blog, Prep Rally. 

9. College baseball player's Superman leap

Fordham's Brian Kownacki goes Superman-style to elude the tag from Iona catcher James Beck.

8. Mascot tackle

The Ohio University mascot wasn't even a student at the school when, dressed as the school's Rufus mascot, tackled Ohio State's Brutus. It was all planned. As Dr. Saturday's Matt Hinton pointed out, it was also probably the best tackle anyone associated with Ohio made in the team's 43-7 loss. 

7. Favre sings "Pants on the Ground"

It was only 11 months ago that Brett Favre was leading his team in a rendition of the "American Idol" viral hit "Pants on the Ground" following the Minnesota Vikings' divisional playoff victory over the Dallas Cowboys. He was on top of the football world and was one play away from making the Super Bowl a week later. My, how quickly things can change. 

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6. Easy missed soccer goal

That's as empty a net as Qatar's Farhad Khalfan will ever see. On the bright side, if he's still around at age 30 (the striker is only 18 years old), he'll be able to play in a World Cup in his home country.

5. DJ Steve Porter remixes Randy Moss

Selma Blair gets nominated for a Grammy, but DJ Steve Porter doesn't? There is no justice. 

4. Sal Alosi's infamous trip

A split-second decision that launched a thousand articles, spawned millions of video views and likely will cost one strength and conditioning coach his job.

3. Middle school trick play

In retrospect, this clever trick play reeks of bad sportsmanship. Gadget plays are fine, but ones designed to exploit the inexperience of middle school players is a bit over the top. Coach Art Rodriguez must be one of those guys who doesn't let his kids win when they play Connect Four. All that being said, it's still pretty impressive.

2. Roger Federer does William Tell

It wasn't real, but this William Tell re-creation was very cool and received over 7 million views on YouTube. One enterprising blogger proved that the shot could be accomplished though. 

1. Cleveland smacks LeBron

"Boston? Game 5? You quit." Cleveland may not win many rounds with LeBron in the future, but at least they took this one in a spoof of his much-maligned "what should I do?" spot for Nike. 

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