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Lance Armstrong isn't pleased with an Outside magazine cover that altered his T-shirt to bear a profane slogan.

The seven-time Tour de France champion appears on the cover of the magazine's July issue wearing a T-shirt that reads "38. BFD.". The number refers to Armstrong's age and the letters are an acronym for "big [expletive] deal". Only thing is, Armstrong never wore that shirt

The magazine evidently digitally altered the "38. BFD." onto Armstrong's blue T-shirt to -- actually, it's not really clear why editors decided to do this. There's a note on the bottom left side of the cover stating that the T-shirt isn't real, so what was the point of the profane acronym in the first place? This wouldn't be kosher in any circumstance, but it's especially lame given how, well, lame the slogan is.

[Photos: See legendary cyclist Lance Armstrong in action]

Armstrong Tweeted his displeasure about the cover and included some profanity in non-acronym form. Is he upset with the words, the "is this the end" question or the weak Photoshop work (look at the top period, it's more rhombus than square). Whichever it is, he has every right to be upset.

By our count, this is Armstrong's eighth time appearing on the cover of Outside and he's been featured in countless stories on its pages. Why the magazine would choose to alter a cover photo for a cheap gag and risk aggravating its favorite athlete is baffling.

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