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Tickets to the biggest English soccer game of the year? Check. Jacket to protect against the chilly weather? Check. Money to buy some food and drink at the game? Check. Toothbrush to keep up with dental hygiene during the match? Uh ... check?

At Sunday's English Premier League match between Chelsea and Manchester United, an unidentified fan was seen brushing his teeth in the front row as cameras showed players Michael Owen and Salomon Kalou waiting to enter the game as substitutes:

My dentist can't even get me to floss, let alone bring my toothbrush to a sporting event. This guy is like a hero to the dental profession.

According to the Daily Mail, the gentleman called a BBC radio show and said he brought the toothbrush because he hadn't had a chance to brush before he left for the game. As for the sunglasses he was wearing at night? "I'm a ladies man," he explained. If ladies like clean teeth, it'd be hard to doubt him.

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