Take a terrifying, first-person plunge down the world’s tallest water slide

The view from atop the Verruckt. (Credit: Schlitterbahn Park)

Meet the Verruckt, a monstrous water slide soon to open at Kansas City’s Schlitterbahn Park. Standing an absurd 168 feet high -- a Guinness World Record for a water slide -- the Verruckt straps riders into a four-person raft and sends them screaming down the near vertical chute at speeds reaching 70 mph. But it doesn’t end with that first drop, because milliseconds after reaching the soaking nadir of this hellride, riders are sent back up a second rise, after which they’ll tumble another 50 feet before arriving in the relative safety of a pool.

Sound scary? Just wait until you watch it in action. Since the opening of the Verruckt has been temporarily delayed, park officials strapped a camera to a sandbag and shoved it on its merry way to give us all a taste of what this slice of water park lunacy is all about:

In case you were wondering, Verruckt means “insane” in German.

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